The constant pressure and sexualisation of female body image, gender identity and women’s labour are central concerns addressed in my practice. I present and analyse 21st century feminist issues with my research focusing on the political, social and cultural development of feminism to its existence in society today. My work questions the rigidity of ingrained characteristics within social expectations of womanhood – often with a wry humour; I encourage the audience to look at how they see themselves conforming to these gender stereotypes. Whether body form or facial image, it exemplifies the unglamorous reality behind the unseen routine of keeping up a manufactured appearance through cosmetics and hair removal and the seemingly never ending possibilities of body manipulation. I explore every day processes women choose to partake in to create the idealistic beautiful appearance and sometimes include men in this to highlight the peculiarity of these acts. Women’s work, such as the house work and child bearing, still prominent traditions in society today, are examples of other stereotypical female roles that are challenged in my work.