Jess Robinson is a London based Illustrator. Her work explores the deeper elements of humour within situations that may be considered as sad, dark and at times insensitive and frank. Knowing that many circumstance especially those that are considered as terrible events such as accidents and losses, Jess understands the fact that such events are beyond our control as humans. This is why she uses humour as her main drive, as a response to and also a method of acceptance of the sometimes harsh realities of life.

Jess’s approach is represented into graphically, polished and visually thought provoking, yet simplistic pieces with elements of playfulness within the parameters of the darker issues. She transforms her light-hearted imagery, which is compiled of precise line work and a newly muted colour palette to add a slightly more serious and contrasting element to the overall reading of her work. Jess offers her audience the opportunity to take a trip through the inner workings of her mind, in an attempt to share her world, which is made up of complex compartments that are twisted, shaped, influenced and inspired by the observation of people in everyday situations.