From the birth of the word ‘utopia’ we are doomed in obtaining such a goal. Coined by Thomas More, deriving from the greek ‘ou topos’ meaning ‘No Place’, and fabricated from the narrative of Raphael Hythloday, Hythloday from ‘hythlos’ meaning ‘idle talk’ or ‘nonsense’. From the beginning we are being told a story about a place that doesn’t exist by a narrator we are told is unreliable.

Layla Josephine, London based artist, questions the relevancy of utopian concept and how it can be advancing despite its misguiding origins. Using photography to investigate she explores modernist design and architecture, capturing an admiration within her images. Realising the link between utopian concept and social ideals in architecture, she explores the usefulness of utopian thought, possible dystopian results and how ‘utopia’ is integral to social progress and communal gain.