Olivia Haller is a London based Illustrator and Maker. Her work is inspired by her views on nature, and is a parallel world to the organic forms, textures and colours she sees daily. Her creations generally feature nature and animals that are usually denoted through complex embellishment with harmonious ornamentation. Because of its magical quality, her work could be described as an analogue version of virtual reality.

The artist doesn’t wish to be limited to one subject matter, and the work presented can have a mix media approach, ranging from painting and paper cutting to graphic design. The drawing medium generally used in the work she produces enables her to pay closer attention to details, whilst the paper cutting brings a whole new physical presence for the viewer. Detailing is an extremely important way for her to bring the viewer to have a certain relation with what she portrays. She wants them to get closer and examine things in depth, the more you look, the more you see.

Olivia is very versatile in that she can take any brief or commission and can create the desired end product while staying true to her inimitable style and use of colours. Her work could be described as balancing a traditional way of working with aspects of a more modern kind.