Bio > I am interested in the elusive but enduring status of objects and thingness, through an indexical link to the dual conditioning agents of making and materiality. Since gaining a Sculpture Degree from the Wimbledon School of Art in 1993, followed by an MA in Graphic Media [UAL] in 2007 my work has slipped between video, photography and sculpture – and originates from a restlessness with the world. As an artist my modus operandi has always been making is thinking (visual art as a first order practice) which recognizes the experiential creative process in which materials and making mediate between thoughts, ideas and possibilities.

Text > The grey-everyday seduces through conformity and standardisation. Our malleability through habit, ritual and tradition confirms that we are simply pattern processing machines, born out of pattern and destined to live out our lives as pattern. Familiarity and pattern give meaning to life, cushioning our inherent time-dependency and allowing us to deal with the urgency of life. We expect repeatability and consume consistency. Confirmation through repeatability qualifies our endeavours – pattern is control and safety; it is titanic, ubiquitous and blind. Pattern gives continuity without consideration – it simply is.